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Smoked herring in oil pack 72 pcs
Smoked herring in oil pack 72 pcs
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How to make order?
To order products you should be registered on our site. Registration will take two-three minutes. You should put in your name, address and telephone number. This information is necessary for the transfer to the express service for the completion of the delivery of your order. Upon the registration you will be given personal login (unique name of client), under which you will be able to visit the site for the survey of the history of your orders and placing new orders. You will be proposed to create your personal password, which will be known only to you. Passwords are stored in the coded form and are accessible only by you, not even by the members of our store. If you wish to make order but have problems with Internet access, please contact us by telephone. Our colleagues will be happy to help you to place your order.

Goods of which of manufacturers do you offer?
Today we propose goods from the best producers of the foodstuffs of Ukraine, which for many years are successfully selling in Ukraine, Russia and other countries, including USA, Canada, Germany. The list of our producers includes following brand names:

Will there be new goods?
Yes, of course. We plan to constantly expand our assortment. During the spring of 2010 we plan to add some sorts of candies, herring, zephyr, cakes and other products. If you have specific wishes on the expansion of commodity bundle, please write to us.

Delivery ouside of Japan
The delivery of goods is possible only within Japan.

Is there a store, where it is possible to physically purchase your goods?
At this moment purchase is possible only through the Internet Our store delivers orders from our warehouse in Saitama prefecture to any location in Japan. The delivery of orders is done by the express service of KuronekoYamato

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01.Smoked sprats in oil pack 72 pcs
02.Borshch pack 12 pcs
03.Marinated Tomatoes «Cherry» 12 pcs
04.Smoked sprats in oil Pack 18 pcs
05.Sprats paste pack 72 pcs
06.Cucumber Pickled pack 12pcs
07.Rosehip Syrup pack24pcs
08.Adjika Caucasian pack 12pcs
09.Buckwheat groats 16pcs
10.Adjika Georgian pack 12pcs
Sprats paste pack 72 pcs
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